A place where "asap" is actually only used when necessary.

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    We need that place ASAP.
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    @rantsauce I’ll try finding it for you ASAP
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    Asap means when it's possible, so whenever someone ask you something for "ASAP" you just take your time, cause it wasn't clear ?
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    When everything is ASAP, nothing is ASAP.
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    ASAP is better than “I need this yesterday “. It just triggers me.
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    @TopsyKretts it really depends on how liberal that P(osible) is. Could mean the same thing. Rushed crap with overtime. That than isn't used till months later or even scraped (if you are lucky else you have to maintain the mess).
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    I've learned to view ASAP literally. As Soon As Possible is as soon as I can fix it. It doesn't mean right now, or even 5 minutes from now. It means that your ASAP is a nebulous assumption of my time to arrival, so I will treat it as such, and it will be done when it gets done.

    It has relieved me of a lot of stress.
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    @TopsyKretts i love that one!

    If you needed it yesterday, you surely don't need it anymore
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    @TopsyKretts "So you should've asked for it a month ago"
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