Why in the name of Donald Knuth did you think it was a good idea to have a 1500 line Java Method? What THE HELL WERE YOU SMOKING THE ENTIRE FILE IS OVER 3000 LINES AND HALF OF THEM ARE COMMENTED OUT!

Don't even get me started on your "unit tests" which is a massive 5000 line behemoth that randomly has massive swaths of code commented out.

And of course no solution like this would be complete with you HARD CODING EVERY F****INIG STRING IN EVERY TIME!

And it's not like you don't know how to use classes as you have several of them, every single one of which is over 500+ lines and consists of only getters and setters. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO A MAP! REALLY WHY WOULD YOU USE 500 LINES FOR A CLASS THAT IS JUST GETTERS AND SETTERS?!

The part that really burns me about all of this though, isn't the fact that you sent it to me when I was running into a similar issue, and said "check this out it should help", what bothers me most isn't the indescribable rage I felt looking at your code, the part that really really really bothers me is that you are a veteran with over 15 years in Java development, and according to the org chart are a lead senior engineer getting paid substantially more than me, whereas I am considered a lowly mid-level developer, who isn't worth promoting to your level.

On the plus side you are now going to be featured on theDailyWTF so congrats on the notoriety.

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    I almost want to know more.

    But I know better than to really want to know.
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    I have seen shit like this. It is the aftereffect of learning syntax only with absolutely no regards for design patterns or proper architecture.
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    @AleCx04 reminds me of the current project that I'm on. Previous developer wrote a 350 line function that had at its core a switch statement with 24 cases to it.

    Each case was the exact same thing, slightly different hardcoded values though. All to randomly pick 3 properties from a JS object.
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    This is usually someone who hasn't learned enough yet, as @AleCx04 said. Understanding the fundamentals of programming, then attempting to utilize those fundamentals without knowledge of architecture and design patterns.

    However this can also be a sign of horrible management. I have seen this with capable people who were pushed to fix anything and implement features as quickly as possible by an awful manager, without any regard to code quality, robustness or planning in general, then such code can be the result.

    Experienced developers, especially those whom have come to trust their abilities are usually capable of pushing back, defending against ridiculous constraints and especially giving realistic and proper time estimates. Inexperienced or shy developers however may struggle with this, regardless of their quality and if the wrong manger is in charge this is what can happen.

    Not the default case though. Default is still lack of ability.
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    Oh this is priceless !
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    @TestInProd423 I'm an absolute dev amateur, with very little practical experience, and yet I could easily think of a compact solution for that, with some help from Google. it's bizarre how you can be that bad.
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    Wtf, just lombok it
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    @Tonnoman the dude straight up didn't know how JS worked, let alone HTML and CSS, or even proper relational modeling to make it somewhat easy to do simple items.

    When I first took over the project it looked to be about 80-85% completed. Which it was, but it was so poorly written that 95%+ of what was completed had to be completely rewritten.
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