Primitive variables are stored on Stack
True or False

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    This is a QnA forum for basic stuff that you can look up via Google in like a minute
    False or False
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    int shit; // true

    int shitty* = new int(); // false
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    what kind of quiz had so much time? it would have been faster to just search it up
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    @Demolishun You're expecting a whole lot of Java aint ya?
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    Java’s concept of primitives and their connection to the stack has caused a tragic amount confusion to students who tried to learn programming.
    For many of them, it has caused a permanent damage of the understanding of memory management and memory types.
    Thanks, Java!
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    Not a rant, please tag your questions appropriately
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    Just do your goddamn homework yourself.
    Also, terrible question.
    Which language, which system which blablabla
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    @arcsector I saw it was java after I posted. Then I was like: oh well. I think from now on I will answer every programming problem, regardless of language, with C++ answers.
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