Minimum requirements for the Facebook application on Windows 10 Mobile.. 2GB RAM like what? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    dafuq is dis ?!
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    Because they're using they're on tool to port the ios app... If would be a native uwp would fly :)
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    Loool !
    Now feel the Power of React
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    How much more proof do you need to realize how bloated and buggy and invasive their FB mobile apps are?
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    But it still works just fine on 1gb...minimum requirements, suuure
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    @uniquesmash why is there an app for everything on ios/android? what's wrong with a browser? :)
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    Well android app uses like 250 Mb ram...
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    @runfrodorun what i hate most that some apps have some functionalities that are not on the website, even simple ones like edit comments or publish pics in comments for devrant, or some flights company doesn't provide you a mobile boarding pass (like a .pkpass or qr code file), only from the app ... So annoying
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    I gave up with the FB app ages ago, just use the mobile browser version to keep my phone a bit less bloated.
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