I hate my life

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    When Windows crashes so bad that even your BSOD doesn't show properly.
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    How do you even manage this? Are you writing drivers?
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    @Eqb8 i don't know, the only thing i know is that this is bad... Really bad
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    I always wonder how people manage to do that. I never had one ._.
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    @runfrodorun thank you for the explanation.. but now i'm sad.. can i repair this? Because i can't change my laptop gpu...
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    Super unhappy Windows
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    @runfrodorun i hope it only caused by software issues, i'll try to reinstall my wondows soon
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    @freezer ever considered using something else? ^^
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    @Krokoklemme i'm considering to dual boot with debian or ubuntu but i'll stick with windows for a while because i have a bad experience with dual booting ...
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