Any body goes through a phase where they feel unmotivated to work?

Normally, I’m the kind of person that work a lot and even code on side projects during the weekend. For the past 2 weeks+, I feel unmotivated and just want to eat, shower, Netflix and sleep.

I’m certain I’m not depressed but I don’t know if I am burnt-out though.

Anybody had similar experience?

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    Productivity comes and goes for everybody. Dont force it and dont be to hard on yourself.
    Try new things to get a push, like quit alcohol, sugar and definetly do sone kind of sport if you dont already. I feel very sedated if I dont do any sport for a week.
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    If you work to much definetly take a break. Personally coding 40h and do some side projects is not to much for me because it isnt too stressful. When I have problems in my day job I kinda feel burnt out too. Fix these problems if you have them. Good luck
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    Sounds like you need a rest.
    Take a break and take care of yourself. Work will be there when you return.
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    Burnout is real, and you need a break if you think you're there. You're not doing yourself any favours and you're not producing anything good when you're in that mode, so you might as well not.

    Coding is a bit like a drug: you can binge it, and you need to come down off it.
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    Working a lot is not a good idea
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    Ye, happens all the time. Even when Im not burnt out, I just don't always feel like coding something. It's perfectly normal to sometimes feel like doing something else or nothing.
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    Have a rest and wait until something inspires you.
    I sometimes feel like that but it’s more likely when the work at work becomes less interesting.
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