You go to an accountant to file your itemized taxes in a couple of hours, you pay them at least $200.
You go to a lawyer to incorporate your business in 2 days, and you pay at least $800.
You hire a photographer to take pictures of your 4-hours wedding and you pay them at least $1500.
You go to your car dealership to fix something and they charge you about $125 hourly labor rate.
Now, ENLIGHTEN ME, how did you come up with the idea that the web application I will create for your business in 8 weeks (design, code, test, deploy, server administration) should not cost more than $500????!!!!!

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    Get them what they deserve for that price... Plain CMS install
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    @trtle I don't do that. I move on when people try to insult my intelligence, intellectual skills, or time. Let them get the "service" from someone else.
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    Yeah well ofc. I would probably handle the situation the same way.
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    @alybadawy What's the difference between intelligence and intellectual skills?
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    @jlave215 actually, and to be exact, intelligence is your ability to connect ideas and develop a pattern of the inputs you have and expect an output; as in if you are in point A and you take that route you expect to be in point B...... Intellectual skills are the critical strategic and analytical problem solving skills. As in how to go from point A to B which are pre defined, but the route isn't.
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    @jlave215 intellectual skill is how you use your intelligence, i guess.

    Like having a gun a gun skills.
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    @mundo03 intelligence is your innate ability at grasping. And your intellectual skills are the things you do with your intelligence; the more you do that thing and use your intellect the stronger the skill becomes. Now if someone is intelligent, doesn't mean they'll have very many skills because that's decided by motivation, determination and other things. When you incorporate the other factors above that's where it gets interesting. How many intelligent people don't exercise their minds because of psychological and environmental factors? They have the intellect, but none of the other things to light that spark.
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    I separate them as knowledge and intelligence as i view them as two separate things.
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    The failed reasoning behind their expectations is that programs as word is pretty cheap, they cannot actually fathom that its custom built, it looks just like the others, you are just copying ...

    We see the same for many smaller companies while really large ones are actually the other way around, suspecting something fishy because we are "to cheap" compared with the usual consultant built SAP application. :)
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    @nblackburn knowledge is and isn't apart of your intellectual skills. The reason being (dev example):you can very well know how an algorithm works, but to actually but your understanding to the test you would have to implement that algo yourself and quite possibly be able to modify it according to any specific needs. that takes grasping. So basically it's what you do with the knowledge to acquire intellectual skills. So that brings the expression: "knowledge is half the battle". So to clarify I see knowledge as being apart of both your skills and your intellect (you need to grasp somethings in order to KNOW what they're doing). You can't have skills without knowledge, and you can't stimulate your intellect with practicality if you don't have knowledge either; it's the foundation to growth.
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    @dalastTomCruise I agree but they are two different things.
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    fuck these clients
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    This is gold. ++
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    Clients like that don't know shits!
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    And when they realize your price is too high (for them), they go ahead and hire a web designer who can use Wordpress and call it a motherfucking day.
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    @omarf you sound like you had the same client before. Lol
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    @alybadawy yep. Happens all the times 😂
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