Windows plug & play is shit. Change my mind.

Wasted so much time trying to connect my camera and I still cannot plug it in (not sure if the PCI driver is missing, or just Windows sucks at this). I thought fresh Windows installations handle the drivers automatically, at least last time I looked it worked out of the box.
On the other hand, I've rarely had any issues with Linux in these regards. I'm probably biased, but I'm still more productive when working on Linux.

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    Windows will install a generic driver.
    Go to the manufactures website and download the correct one if the generic one doesn't work.


    I though we all knew better then to trust windows to get something right "ALL" the time.
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    @C0D4 Downloaded them already, installed them already. Didn't help.
    Forgot to specify this in the rant.
    Something is messed up, I probably should reinstall most drivers.
    Thing is I could trust Windows last time, with the same laptop, same hardware: I had no issues with the auto-installed drivers. But this fresh installation failed.
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    @theKarlisK thanks for your kind comment. I will definitely change my mind.
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    Maybe there is no driver that works in that windows version
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    Lol, what are you still using XP?
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    @Lasoloz no driver, not working.

    Same for any OS.

    But to add something useful here… have you taken a look at eventvwr / WSUS Logs / Windows Update?

    Sounds more like some part of driver Installation is fucked up
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    One of 2 :

    1. Your camera is SO ADVANCED it doesn't even support basic functions without drivers
    2. Your camera is so old, noone cares about it anymore.

    But yeah, sure, Windows fault.
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    @C0D4 Well it does "get it right" in 99% of cases. Good enough.

    Linux is probably "gets it right" in less than 5%.

    I even had a MOUSE once, not reconized by Linux out of box lol
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    @IntrusionCM thanks for the input. Once I have the time I will take a look into these as well.
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    @NoToJavaScript I'm pretty sure that it's none of the 2 options you mentioned. On linux I can easily mount it. So something else is faulty, but hopefully I will be able to solve it once I will have the time to get to my conputer.
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