Well, I did it.

I spent 45 minutes writing my first hacky, shell-and-python automation script to save me 15 seconds every morning.

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    You will get positive returns in 180 work days!
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    Nice investment .May you reap the crop from it completely
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    @Demolishun and if he spends those 180 workdays automating his job at he same rate he won't have work to do after that.
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    Now you are officially a Dev.

    Pick your title and the cool coffee mug.
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    Great, what you gonna do with all this spare time now?
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    Sounds right to me.
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    @TrevorTheRat spend it on saving more seconds each day?
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    In the long run it will be great.
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    It's not just about return on time investment though:

    1. If there's an "emergency" where you need to act fast (a critical bug slipped past the tests and causes issues on production), being delayed for 15 seconds can be annoying.

    2. Repetitive boring tasks cause stress, so while it might strictly take only 15 seconds of labor, it might take away more than 15 seconds of productivity.
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    Out of curiosity, what does the automation do?
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    Game development
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    3. Creating something new, like an automation to prevent stress from 2, is instead rewarding as it is an accomplishment.
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    What does it do? Even if it's a 15s job, automating boring stuff has a nice effect on mental health
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