Finally moved over to Sublime Text.
Now I just need to figure out how to make it my default text editor.

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    Light or Dark Theme?
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    @PoweredByCoffee Dark like my soul... Duh!!
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    install package manager, material theme, file icons, make line padding 10 and you are good to go 😊
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    You mean now you moved to sublime, 2 years after most of thier devs moved to atom as sublime is dead...
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    Sublime is not dead! It is very light. I've used atom in ssd for some time, but man that electron shit is bloated as hell. Few packaged later you feel the input lag.
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    @orkhanfarmanli been using it for year now, over a dozen packages and I leave it open and running for weeks on end. It makes sublime look like notepad.
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    Sublime is dead? News to me.
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    I tried atom. It was super slow.
    Then I tried VBC. It worked amazing for a while... Then it became slow. Sublime is still the shiz.
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