"Sure ill join the meeting it's not like I'm busy with the project's deadline being this Friday and all"
My notes from the meeting:

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    Ha! I like your "art"! I need more of these :D

    PS: Are your monitors really that big?
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    @Jilano 24" screen and an iMac next to it for Xcode compilation purposes!
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    So it all comes down to pizza in the end.
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    @sesar54 always!
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    "hey jim, have anything to add before we end this meeting?"

    "let me check my notes..."

    *looks at drawings*

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    Got ya fam

    Same here

    Struggle is real
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    Our scrum mast loves pointless meetings. In our last team meeting we were doing an activity where we had to answer a random question from a bank of questions. Her question was "what is the meaning or origin of your name."

    She didn't know. So I said "Your last name is Norse. It means 'she who creates infinite meetings'.

    Everyone including her laughed.
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    That is awesome!
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    New comic strip?
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