Night at my girlfriend family... to celebrate both her and her sister birthday...

Offensive comments, jokes and pure irrespect about being a dev, having a beard and being quiet, from the guests.

Her actual family is really nice.

I swear... if I hear one more joke about my beard!

The only interesting person, her aunt, just left...

Back to stupid jokes and fake laughs.

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    Yeah man. Being dev and having a beard is really joke.

    Have you beard for real?
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    call me sad but i get depressed when someone mentions they are with a gf while i cant manage to get one
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    lol i expected "girlfriend" after "the only interesting person"
    i was (pleasantly) surprised when i saw "aunt"

    but good luck man! 😁
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    Don't react. I simply play along with them... That'll make them a bit uncomfortable but you'll gain respect from everyone.
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    When you say beard, are we talking Eminem, hipster from SF, or gandalf x Dumbledore rule 34?
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    Your facial hair is none of their business. Neither is your butt hair. Ask if they want to see your butt hair, as you try to keep it and your beard look the same.
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    Thanks for the support folks. It finished better than it started.

    I'm pretty confident usually but as it's her family and family friends, I can't just do my normal « judgemental stare » and ask if they « have any bad jokes left before we start reconnecting the neurons ».

    The amount of disrespect towards our profession was mad af.

    FYI about my beard, I went through every stages... trimmed to very short a few months ago. It's starting to get back to it's former glory... I'm just letting it grow back so it looks a bit of a mess right now. Will start giving proper gromming in 2 or 3 weeks.
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