Whatever man.. loving this Facebook down phase!

Peace for a while ☮️

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    Businesses that rely on Facebook are a little sweaty under the collar atm though
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    @AlgoRythm if they rely on it for their business, they deserve it.
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    @Lensflare It's easy to make statements like that when you're not in their position. It's important to note that it's a humongous corporate entity vs vulnerable people or businesses. It's not always their fault.
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    But... but... but I wanted to see the notification of my step mother's 97th post on how she thinks millenials are lazy.
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    People hoping that it goes down are no different from the tyrants they believe created it. LOL.

    Use your skills to create an alternative platform you incompetent fools.
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    Here comes the Village idiot. ^

    @Cyanide And stop blaming others for your own uncontrollable behaviour fucker. Peace out bitch.
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    @jassole it's funny how your lack of arguments makes you resort to insults. You literally never answer to the question of bargaining power imbalance.
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    @jassole Who's barking? You have zero argument beside some ameritarded bs you got from 10-min youtube videos. I have zero ways to even start to have an actual intelligent discussion
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    @jassole yeah yeah you still never answered anything that goes beyond your simplistic idea of society with anything else but childish insults.

    Just stfu if you have nothing to say.

    I have no way to start an intelligent discussion with you* (as it was obviously implied for anybody with a brain)
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