A: Hey look! I have a brand new computer!
B: Oh, so you use Linux?
A: No, I use Windows.
B: Than it's not your computer.

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    Although I know that you might get hate from posting this and I might get hate from commenting this, in my opinion, it's not your computer unless you at least have the option of full/complete control of your system (software at least) so yeah I agree ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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    @linuxxx it's like renting. And owner tells you what you can and can not do. I don't feel like I own it when I use Windows.
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    Sorry not sorry
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    not really os wars...

    windows 10 creator update will display in explorer ads. changeable but still ads.

    and the edge is better notifications...

    continue the list... it's getting longer...
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    Did you check ubuntu's network? Yeah your data is Amazon data :).
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    It's you're running free software on proprietary hardware, your don't have control on your device. Hardware are full of backdoor
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    @pyCNe At least AMD is open sourcing its hardware and drivers now
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    Right, and you solder your own motherboard then?
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    @griffinSauce Actually they are very few (often old ) open hardware and even these hardware may include proprietary software, software are everywhere, in many components ... the at least if you can have a libreboot it's already nice ... people who feel really concerned by this can buy "no proprietary " hardware.
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    Well the computer is yours. Only the os isn't.
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    Dude Ubuntu is not Linux๐Ÿ˜‚@curlyDev
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    @pyCNe thanks for explaining my point. ;)
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    @curlydev this was removed in 16.04...

    and it was completely removable before. not disable. remove.

    and while everyone is saying linux is free, windows on the other hand is proprietary and costs money.

    quality assurance? uh oh our patch month didn't pan out as intended, just wait another month... security is when noone talks about the existing risks.

    if i pay bucks for something to eat like a hamburger, I want a hamburger. not water nor broccoli nor a hamburger which is rotten...

    and this is what disturbs me most. if my chief gave me an order to promote and sell Windows i would tell him that there are special doctors for lunatics.... (edit: i cannot sell a software for money which is definitely oft low quality and bug ridden, this is against my personal codex)
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