Win10 shell has ssh? Oh boi, let's try that out.
> help ssh
This command is not supported by the help utility. Try "ssh/?".
> ssh /?
ssh: Could not resolve hostname /?: Name or service not known.


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    Try removing the space between ssh and /.
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    @iAmNaN I must admit I typed it from the screen and did not use the webapp. So the missing space is unintentional and not part of the actual output.
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    @JoshuaBehrens ah, got it. I'm sure there is some illogical reason for it. 🤠
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    First, get chocolatey installed, then:

    PS> choco install openssh


    PS> refreshenv
    PS> ssh

    You're welcome :).
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    It does but the buil-in bash and uve apt get it first
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    @Mayhem93 I did not know choco had an ssh package. Good to know. But why do I have to use another package if there is a built-in.

    The help message is just what triggers me here >:(
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    info ssh or man -k ssh

    It's not an MS implementation issue, it is a Canonical thing. Actually, come to think of it, it is a Linux thing.
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    @iAmNaN I know that the new linux environment in windows10 is the reason why `ssh /?` was the wrong way to ask for help. But `help ssh` should not tell me to use it like a windows application.
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    That choco package is a Windows port of openssh and it has its minuses, most notably xterm virtual terminal is not implemented so for example htop will not work because TERM=dumb and even if you Set it to xterm it won't work properly
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