Day 2 of my non tech manager reviewing PRs in order to “speed up QA” he’s taken to commenting on every PR with. “I don’t understand how this code works, we need to setup a meeting for you to explain it to me”. Amazing.

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    Is he paid to understand code? no.. he isn't... That's what Software engineers do...

    so he's wasting his time on something that's not in his job description... which is wasting company money and time... which should warrant an intervention...
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    If you get into the mindset that life is a comedy. You would have a blast in this kind of situation 🤣
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    somehow I feel like this might already be written in the stars for me at the current company 😭
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    You have my most sincere sympathies.
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    Respond with "I don't inderstand why we need to setup a meeting to explain a function comment that was autogenerated. Please review the actual code"
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    @Lucky-Loek I’d propose that we have a meeting first to discuss the format for future meetings about code check-ins
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    @fiftyhz This guy enterprises
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