Manager: We need to setup the security in the Mexico server

Dev: You mean that 3rd party firewall add on?

Manager: Yes

Dev: And set up the billing on the Mexico account?

Manager: Yes

Dev: lol, sure thing I’ll create the ticket

Manager: What’s so funny?

Dev: Nothing

Ticket: Build wall and get Mexico to pay for it.

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    You, sir, you I like.
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    Our hero 😄
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    This is fantastic!
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    That is just 👌🏻
    Have a very deserved ++
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    Wouldn't that mean that you're giving the money to that account though.
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    @ars1 It’s an internal app and an internal account so I should have said “billing to” to make it potentially less ambiguous. Or the “billing to the Mexico credit card”.

    Mexico is paying for it. Believe it

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    Good one.
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    When I read “Mexico” I felt like some political business is coming, but I didn’t expect it to be this funny. Have a ++
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    As a Mexican I approve of this message
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    As a mexican, I’ll jump your firewall
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    Take my ++ you genius!
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    well, at least you keep your promises
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    Ahahah lol
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    This is a very cruel joke.
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