I got today my first job as a junior devπŸŽ‰

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    Congrats on a lifelong obsession!

    Here's some advice I wish someone would have told me more.

    Love your career, not your job.

    Only fools let themselves be taken advantage of.

    Everyone fucks up, own your mistakes and you own the power they hold over you.

    If you have a problem and the group or person who won't help you, make it their problem.

    Don't be a dick.

    Go home at your shift end, enjoy your friends and family, no job is worth losing them over.
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    > If you have a problem and the group or person who won't help you, make it their problem.
    > Don't be a dick.

    eh? Making your problems someone else's problems is being a dick IMO.

    @NaimDev Congrats. And my condolences. It's a well paid, yet tough job. VERY easy to burn out and drop out of the job market for months/years. Unless you play smart.

    - Avoid overtime. Learning after working hours is ok. Overtime - not ok.

    - Spend your nights sleeping, not coding.

    - It's impossible to not make mistakes. Own yours. NEVER hide. Find a way to fix your sh!t.

    - Unless you're a Superman or your d!ck is 30cm+ long, never be optimistic doing your estimates. Always estimate more. Like at least 50% more than you think it'll take.

    - HAVE A HOBBY (non-coding).

    - Don't be a jerk to your colleagues. But feel free to be one with other teams if they refuse to cooperate.

    - Be professional. (doesn't mean you can't be a jerk in certain situations)

    - You're only a human

    - Accept help
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    So happy for you <3
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    Congrats. What is the tech stack that you are using there?
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    As a dev*

    Congratulations though on your first job.
    Some suggestions : try to observe and learn the culture and see if it's good for you or not.

    Be confident of what you say.
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    "abandon hope all ye who enter here"... ops wrong quote. Congrats, and I hope everything goes well.
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    Thanks to you all of you guys πŸ™
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    @netikras you might have misunderstood me.

    If you have a problem that you alone cannot fix, and the team or person responsible refuses to help you, make it their problem.

    You're not being a dick, you're redirecting their bullshit back at them.

    For example, if you're being sexually harassed at work and HR hasn't done anything in over 2 months. Time to make it their problem by seeking the advice or service of a lawyer.
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    @sariel goldens advices πŸ”₯
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    Welcome to hell buddy
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    Congratulations don't let this app ruin the fun xD
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    Make sure to do a lot of pair programming with different devs to learn everyone's best tricks.

    And set a reminder to yourself in 3 months to remind yourself "Celebrate what you've done so far. And Hey it's still okay to feel green. Don't expect to have learned everything by now" - and remind the team of that as well.
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    Whose ready to learn to hate corporations and programming both ? Lol
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    @AvatarOfKaine if I have learned anything, it's that it's a God damned miracle that any of this world works at all.

    It's a big house of cards that is literally waiting to be knocked over.

    Capitalism doesn't work, it's just propped up with so much money it can't fail without taking everything else out with it.
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    @sariel well that and now people who are poisoned to believe that their victimizer who they now identify with is oppressed and everyone else is an enemy of them living how 'they ought to live' heh just like the taskmaster wants
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    Run while you can. Don't look back. Hide.
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    He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok he sleeps all night and he works all day
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    Congratulations 🎊 πŸ‘
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