Hopefully not a repost, just found this on Twitter

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    Welcome to devRant!
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    Lol, I must show this to a few coworkers of mine
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    True story. Over half of my emails I delete without opening them. They have nothing of informational value.
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    And how about Spamhaus reading every mail of yours?

    About 2 years ago we hosted an ESP, we thought in couldn't harm, Spamhaus thought otherwise. At a certain point a lot of /24 IP spaces were ruined. Spamhaus refused to delist them (wish I kind of understand, but for us this wasn't a solution).

    So we decided to find out how Spamhaus works. In total, we took 3 x 200 IPs, 3 x 200 newly registered domains, and 200 emailadressed with different destination servers. We did the following:
    * For every one of the 200 IPs we took one domain and one emailadress and send everyone a single mail, result: every IP and domain was listed by Spamhaus. All of them with one common hop in the traceroute.
    * Then, we repeated the test, but with TLS encryption between SMTP servers. About 1/3 was listed by Spamhaus (some ISPs give them info too).
    * Next, I called our network guy, asked him to change all outbound routes to another route. Repeated the test without encryption. About a 1/3 listed...
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    Government is the estranged wife ;)
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    @saifat29 welcome to you too!
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    I think you have the highest likes to post ratio on devRant already 👏
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