I activated my LinkedIn yesterday and I got an email today from a Facebook London for interview.

Lol wtf! I didn't even apply or search anything related.

And the role is for Product Leadership.

What should I do guys?

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    Its just some fucker @ hr trying to fill his quota

    Send them a dick pic
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    You have two options.

    Don't work for an evil company.

    Become a shill and take the job.
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    Amazon AWS virtualization… there was nothing about it in my CV or profile, yet I was invited to interview. Still, talk to them, baseline: you will have some interview experience.
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    Don’t work for Facebook. They’re evil fucks.
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    @Root I don't think all of them are evil. Most are just slavering drones who lack enough spine to not work for such a heresy of a company. The ones at the top of the chain... well that's another story, basically satan is heating up the cauldron as we speak.
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    @molaram that's funny, I bet the Nazi grunts thought the same thing.

    Not entirely comparing Facebook to fascists, but being a Nazi is kind of the evil benchmark you try to not become.
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    @molaram of course not. I meant those running the company. Absolutely evil fucks.

    But you shouldn’t work for or help them if you have any other option, and should actively convince others not to. I like @sariel’s comparison.
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    Like in any big corporation all depends on what project you will work on.
    Try to google project and people who work on it.
    Take the job interview, if you meet the team and you like them, take the job.
    Overall all depends on what you do and with whom you do it not what company is doing.
    Like in Nazi Germany not everyone was Nazi.
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    @molaram @sariel @Root yes, ain't gonna work for fuckerberg.

    But as @aviophile said, I can use it as a mock interview practice. Lol
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    @vane well yes, but they are evil in intentions and supporting them in anyway is fueling their evil intention.

    The rest of squad is applying Godwin's law.
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    @molaram The ones at the top of the chain only exist because the spineless people work for them. They might not be evil directly, but they enable it.
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    @Floydimus go for some big hit,
    around 7-800k $ per year. If they agreed, go for it, don't look for the best or the devilish company, just ask for a high salary.
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    @C-sucks Let me paraphrase that: “What’s your price?”

    My price for willingly helping evil is infinity. Unless helping them allows me to ruin them 🤔 hitmen have prices, too, after all. 🤔
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    @C-sucks there is something money can't buy.

    Standards, morals, and ethics.
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    @Floydimus but after all, except the tiny society around us, no one gives a sh*t to those beautiful words.

    money is all you need.

    though money can't buy you everything, it can at least buy you freedom, so that you don't have to think twice before spending pennies.

    edit: those beautiful words are your personal qualities, the amount you earn is completely independent of those words
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    @C-sucks good money and bad money, both bring with them their respective advantages and disadvantages.
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    @Root A subject named ECONOMICS exists. I beg you to have a look at that subject once.
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    @Floydimus I reckon millions of employees work for Facebook, and one can't simply call all the employees as workers of a bad company and earning bad money.
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    @C-sucks wait for it then...

    Map the normalisation curve for Facebook and you'll have your answer.
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    @Root won't lie, I would take a position with them just to tear them down from the inside.

    I would have to be in some serious American healthcare Breaking Bad style bullshit, to but I would do it.
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    @sariel that's being delusional.
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    @C-sucks I disagree. Without moral obligations and ethical concerns, the sky is the limit.

    You could even become president!
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    @C-sucks so you believe that the Nazi soldiers who were "just following orders" weren't all bad?

    Or how about something less fascist.

    The guy who doesn't stop a group of men raping a woman. He's not actively harming her, and it's none of his business.

    Are these people who you strive to be?

    Jesus, I hope not.
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    @sariel what's stopping you then?
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    @Floydimus being healthy and not dying?

    I've got a family to support, doing something like that is a one way ticket to prison at the worst and blacklisted at the best.

    Short answer, it's a suicide mission.
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    @sariel 9h I forgot, sky has a limit too.
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    @sariel I do not differ with you. But some of the nazis were actually forced into it. I know that doesn't excuse what they've done, but bear with me for a sec: to others, we are the nazis. The evil. The capitalist infidels with no honor, no respect, no faith. Sure, that too is subject to debate - some of us are more guilty than others. Just like to us, governments, banks and evil corporations are the nazis turning us into slaves with their armies, laws and money. Evil is everywhere. It always wins. And most of us are just collateral damage because we're stuck in our comfort zone with a piece of bread on our table and everything else is debt and broken dreams.
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    @molaram I get that, but when you knowingly continue to support bad people so they can continue to do bad things, you lose the ability to claim ignorance.

    Knowledge is a one way street, once we travel down it we can never go back.

    "Just following orders" is just another way to say, "I'm ok with this because it doesn't hurt me."
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    Ignore the crap recruiters trolling for easy portfolio fillers.

    They don't actually have a job at Facebook to offer - it is just the best bait they could come up with...
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    @Floydimus you have a choice, work for them, or be hated by me. Which is more important buddy? 🥺
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    They're just out there phishing on number's game.

    Had a call couple months ago with recruiter from facebook london, she found me on linkedin.

    First thing that pissed me off was that she didn't even bother to respect my timezone, and she setup a call at 17 wet, not even bothering to mention that and/or to check my location on linkedin and proactively figure out I'm based in cet country.

    Then the icing on cake came, the role in question was about senior developer in c#/.net, neither of which technologies I have anywhere on my profile nor cv, as I'm a php/symfony developer.

    In the end she offered me some php position in london (would need to relocate and drop my current work), but warned me only the best will be taken after a month of bootcamp.

    Pure and utter waste of time if you ask me.
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    @C0D4 I can't risk being hated by you. Our love is eternal ♥️

    @Oktokolo yes. Crappy people. But I'll go for it and even when I get an offer, I can tell them they suck and I can't join them.

    @myss lmao recruiters and HRs are dumb. We all agree to this.
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    @sariel of course, you are right.

    Some are guilty of fucking up our world. Others are guilty of being weak enough to assist. The first are pure evil and the latter are accessories.
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    “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.” -- John Stuart Mill
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    @JustThat damn! That hit me hard.

    Reminds me of Banksy's thought,

    "In a conflict between the powerful and the weak, if you stay neutral then you are on side of powerful"
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