If I never have to use Teams again it would be too soon

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    Amen brother!
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    It works well except when it doesn't
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    What’s wrong with it?
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    Hoo boy, let's count some of the ways:
    - Excessive RAM/CPU requirements
    - Abysmal search performance, ineptitude at finding or retrieving messages older than a week or so.
    - Threads in Teams Channels are a backwards abomination; there is no way to start a thread in the middle of an existing thread. Their model exaggerates poor conversation and causes duplicate and orphaned threads.
    - Chats are a second-class citizen and it is painfully slow to switch between conversations happening in Teams Channels and Chats.
    - The "type-ahead" auto-formatter is broken, often not changing text when you want or changing text when you don't want. This should always "format-on-send" and offer an option to disable the idiotic auto-inline-formatter.
    - Notifications... Teams is the only platform that barely offers "eventual consistency" sometimes. Messages and notifications are often out of sync across devices and worse, entire parts of conversations are sometimes just missing in the middle of a thread.
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    i was only grateful for teams when whatsapp crashed and everyone was freaking out, except for our company (whatsapp is used a lot for business around here)
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    I had to patch a kubernetes cluster with a configmap loaded python script a couple of days ago.

    Using Teams remote control!
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    Incredible that a chat app developed by, well, developers, from a, well, tech company... can't fucking format code you send in messages, and instead proceeds to remove all indentation.

    I'd rather lick a rat than working for big tech. They're not elegant, they're unethical. Everything wrong with capitalism in its pure state, on steroid from tech, and it's all our fault for "dreaming" to work for these 🤬
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    @glemiere pebcak. You can add a formatted section easily.
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    @electrineer nope, it's all messy within a code block. That's my point.
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    you could use web version but then no call notifications prolly
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