Corporate IT: We don’t think you need Saas product A. We have SharePoint and SharePoint can do anything! Sharepoint eliminates the need for any and all Sass products, it all just comes down to customizing it!

Dev: …

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    we should create a sharepoint certification course, let devs "studying it" do some actual work while "busy", and kickback the "tuition fee"
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    Should've included sharepoint customization in your project estimates.

    I worked at a place with a debilitating case of Not Invented Here syndrome. Imagine someone being so full of shit that they create a shitty clone of Atlassian, Sharepoint/Drive and Facebook, all in one ugly, tiring mess and then shove it down your throat by forced trainings (yes their social network required a 90 minutes training session), cringe promotional stories, to the point that people (usually devs) who simply question the inexplicable move, are publicly humiliated as naysayers (usually by management/sales; I recall one of the comments claiming how people must have opposed email when it was invented).
    We usually ended up making 3 copies of everything. Local machine, ftp, and that wretched cesspool of apathetic engineering.
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    @anux damn! This requires its own rant!
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    @iSwimInTheC Someday maybe. There are probably too many rants from there but I'll need to obfuscate the details and I'm pretty lazy.
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