Facebook is an awful company for sure.

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    Is anybody surprised tho? they're fuckholes and we all know it, and we don't do shit about, and then complain about them being fuckholes.
    We sure are smart .-.
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    @SoldierOfCode while I agree with that sentiment.

    What are you gonna do against a multi billion dollar organisation?

    Delete your account? Sure go ahead..

    Ask bunch of your friends and family to follow? Wunderbar.

    Does it matter to them or affect them? They are not even bothered.
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    @Floydimus And that's how capitalists get away with shit. "What you gonna do, not buy Cola? Pffft, we don't care, you don't matter."
    Lemme tell you one word:
    Numbers add up, and doesn't matter how much they want you to think it doesn't hurt them, it does. A few people won't do shit, but a whole movement? Numbers can make a big difference.
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    @SoldierOfCode which is why we need a revolution.

    And the time and effort it would take to rise that number is way toi high. So an instant revolution is something needed.

    But other than that, working on numbers is difficult for now.
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    facebook is facebook, change of name don’t magically make hackers from script kiddies
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    @Floydimus they're gonna get sued. big company or not, it's trademark infringement. at the very least they're gonna walk out of it with a large settlement
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    Facebook sucks, of course, but this Meta Company doesn't seem any better. Besides being based in Chicago (which is bad enough since Chicago is trash place full of trash people), their website doesn't have any information about the company and their trademark filing doesn't seem to overlap with Facebook's meta filing.

    So probably no trademark infringement and the company looks like squatters trying to scam money with a frivolous lawsuit.

    In other words, there are no good guys in this fight, just greedy suits trying to con each other.
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    @NotJeckel AFAIK they rejected Facebook's $20M offer.

    @darksideofyay I like your username.
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    @Floydimus I deleted my account:


    You haven't? Seriously? I even had a tone of international contacts I knew I'd loose, but the cost of keeping it is just too great.

    Delete it and blocklist all their DNS records using your router or /etc/resolv.conf.
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    What did this company do for a primary business ?
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    @Floydimus There are TWO Meta organizations claiming the trademark

    MetaCompany, which may be a shell for a squatter. Unfortunately for them it appears their filing was a year later than Zuck and wife who filed in 2015

    MetaPC, who filed this year, and they jokingly asked for $20 million on twitter

    They are likely to both lose though Zuck could have simply have ignored them. They don't compete so there is no confusion. Zuck being Zuck means he has to crush all others.
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    Is it tademark infringement of the company is a different type ? Llc vs inc. for example ?
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    I’ve seen companies with the same acronym meaning different things including one I worked for
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    @AvatarOfKaine LLC vs Inc does not matter but market does. The point of a trademark is to avoid consumer confusion.

    The 80's musical duo "Hall and Oates" successfully sued a breakfast cereal company for using "Haulin' Oats" as their name. Turns out "Hall and Oates" actually had entered into a business agreement to sell oatmeal


    In this case, MetaPC COULD be confused for Facebook er...Meta...if Meta (née Facebook) starts making hardware like VR sets and such.

    MetaCompany, unless they actually have business relationships, are likely to get crushed.
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    @SoldierOfCode I don't buy coke or pepsi products anymore. They are evil fucks as well. But your are right, it is hard to find alternatives. Sometimes you have to go without.
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    @Floydimus The world is undergoing an awakening of consciousness. That is why so many people are protesting around the world. The rev you talk about is on its way. I don't expect it to fully hit for a while though. People are slow to uptake new information that invalidates their world view. This is human nature:

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    - Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher
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    That was a very one sided story lacking all kinds of details. Just because one company is big does not mean that the underdog is right
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    @Demolishun already happened, why is everyone lying ? god i want to die.
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    crazy bitch is outside the window staring in again.
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    @djsumdog bold of you to assume I use Facebook.

    @Molaram still haven't heard back from both the orgs and it's been a week with their first stage.

    @JustThat ooooo I didn't know that. These guys might get reverse fucked.

    @Demolishun should we prepare for the revolution?

    I like that quote though.

    @hjk101 I agree and admit that I totally missed out the perspective on this one in the heat of the moment.
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    @Floydimus Buy food, famine coming world wide. Right now farmers cannot get fertilizer. In farms around the world governments forcing people to destroy crops. Buy food. Pray.

    India, from what I can tell, has rejected a lot of this crap though. Maybe they will do better than other countries. I don't know.
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    @floydimus remember looking forward to new things like pirates of the carribean movies before johnny depp got called a wife beater by a whole industry that had been taken over by chomos years ago ?

    why are we going in fucking circles ?
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    @Demolishun well yes. India has been and is still an agricultural country to a large extent.

    But looking at our population size, it would be difficult to sustain and it seems like that 50% of the world population will be reduced.

    @AvatarOfKaine how are you awake 24x7?
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    @Floydimus I never sleep
    My eyes are red rimmed windows into madness itself
    In them is reflected the sorrow of the former world that is flailing beneath the weight of an obese retard eg all of you and your idea of life

    Also I’m convinced there is like one operator online posting all this crap
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    @molaram you don't have to hurt me that way :'(
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    @molaram someone on here was as I’d in prelude talking about working at Facebook awhile ago

    Probably remembered that they did this meta crap a decade ago
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    @molaram well it's been a week and I haven't heard from them so guess @bittersweet was right. They just ghosted me.

    Well.. same time for Booking, haven't heard from them either. Either I sucked or I did super well. There isn't anything in between for sure. Lmao

    @AvatarOfKaine I am interviewing with them.

    Selling my soul for a visa :(
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    @Floydimus you know and I just remembered these pieces of shiy told
    Me that my sweet sister who they were starving for their amusement may have died

    And they wonder why things happen to them
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    Wow. FB really wants to change it's evil image by committing evil crap like this. Business people ffs
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