Bought a Raspberry pi with intentions of making a kickass hacking module. Ended up blinking the LED lights from GPIO pins. How's your life?

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    Hacking but screen mirroring fml
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    Buy a breadboard and buttons! Then execute cose with buttons. Most fun i ever had from my rpi
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    i bought rpi, installed raspbian, played reversi, turned off, and didn't touched again for 4 months
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    @CozyPlanes thank God. I'm normal.
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    Got a raspberry pi for uberleethaxing with Kali. But now it's running Pi Music box. Podcasts, music library, and internet radio.
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    @GnoeJuan install Kodi and view porn. That'll be more satisfying. Lol.
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    It all started with a blinking LED! Just remember that when you create something awesome lol
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    That's awesome!

    I bought a Raspberry pi and installed Raspbian on it. </End of story>
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    Bought one, turned it into my Genesis gaming emulation station. Now I play old Sega games, shitty Nintendo games, and the occasional dos game on it.
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    Haha You should check Blynk !
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    Been given a raspberry pi 3 and 4 months to run a deep learning feature extracting model to identify objects in pictures taken with the raspi cam :/
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