What the fuck is going on with elementary OS 0.4 Loki?!
Its the worst performing OS I have ever used:
* login ==> just shows desktop wallpaper, no icons, no dock, no keyboard inputs, no shit!
* installs updates in background ==> ne keyboard inputs, no reaction at all

Wtf did you guys do, when changing to unbuntu?!

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    Worked fine for me, changed back to windows though as needed software
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    Yep, no problemo for me either. I know that doesn't help you. Sorry.
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    No not really. Google told me, that there are problems, since the ne 0.4 loki is now based on ubuntu. 0.3 wasnt :/
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    I was under the impression that it's been Ubuntu based from the beginning?
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    Ah damn you are right. It was always based on Ubuntu. But the 0.4 Loki is now based on the new ubuntu 16.04 LTS and now it seems way more buggy than with 14.04 LTS
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    I switched from elementary because it was just becoming too glitchy for me. It's pretty well designed but not worth the trouble
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    I've experienced some of those weird glitches, some stuff get unconfigured when updated. Right now I'm too lazy to search for another distribution or version, most of them have a really bad UX/UI
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