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    I love this so much
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    I love Linux, but the directory structure might as well be /things, /stuff, /misc, /other.

    I mean, who names the config directory "etcetera" instead of just plain /config?

    Who names a directory with logs and server files /var(ious)?

    And the whole /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, /home/name/bin, /home/name/local/bin etc situation is infuriating as well.

    Yeah I'm sure there is some hyper-neckbeard interesting historical reason with amazing explanations about kernel modes and user permissions and posix compatibility....

    Doesn't take away the fact that for the average Linux user in 2021, the organizational structure and cleanliness of the OS reminds me of my 2006 student dorm room.
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    I really like it
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    @bittersweet this could be way off base, but I thought var was for VARiable storage, so the storage for running programs/services that can change frequently like /var/www/

    How I learned the dirs:
    /bin - Binaries
    /usr - Unix Standard Resources
    /usr/local - host specific USR
    /opt - optional data, reserved for non-OS programs (static or self contained programs IE Discord, only really lives in /opt on some distros)
    /usr/share - Resources IE icons, themes etc
    /etc - Editable Text Configuration

    Then the whole /bin, /usr/bin, etc were trying to be cleaned up last I checked, they are REALLY dated but also really modern because older Nix Systems like Plan9 would have /bin just be a concatenation of /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, and ~/bin. Iirc, Debian and such got rid of /bin, and it's just a symlink to /usr/bin

    For /usr/local, by host specific I mean that you can actually have /usr be a NFS/bound mount point, so multiple hosts can have the same standard resources HOWEVER local usually isn't.
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    sudo chown -R user:user /etc

    oh oh
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    just sent this to my sister. I call her "penguin" she loved it.

    Edit: Not because she looks like penguin, she is just as pretty as her older brother(me), but because when she was a baby girl she would wobble around similar to how a penguin walks. Thus the name.
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    @AleCx04 I think it’s really endearing that you felt the need to clarify. ❤️
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    @AmyShackles I both love and am terrified of my baby sister.
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