I watched today one of our devs working in Windows with a Docker Environment.

I think I'm pretty insensitive regarding pain, horror and morbid stuff.

But damn. I really needed to turn off the stream or else I'd walk to the company and rip his fucking workstation out of the server rack to put it out of his misery...

Errors? ignore them....

Weird python messages? Ignore them...

wild copy pasta between notepad++ containing shell commands and a git bash... Per mouse context. Yes. Move the cursor, mark the text, right click, copy, go to terminal, right click, paste.

Understanding of whats happening. Zero. Like literal zero.

He was wondering why there were strange characters when he pasted log output in a text file...

My question: How do you think colored text works in a terminal environment?
was answered by : "Don't know, never thought about it. But don't think this has something to do with the weird characters?"

I don't wanna talk about the rest.

Retarded humanity can please kindly kill itself so the intelligent above average nice people can live in peace...

The meeting was 2 hours. I drank 5 bottles of beer after it in1 hour and I'm please to announce I'm forgetting large parts of what has happened.


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    Tss tsss, now don't be mean to the intern... Oh, wait, you were talking about the tech lead 😄
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    Dealing with lusers is always a pain in the ass.
    The pain in the ass is generally metaphorical.
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    Docker dev environment already sounds too painful. I can't go through the rest.
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    I am delightfully offended by how similar this description of terrible processes is to me own.

    Thank you IntrusionCM.
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    I know the pain.

    As one who actually uses windows+docker+wsl daily - for odd reasons, teaching others who don't have any kind of understanding is a huge pain in the ass.
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    Would definitely not use Docker on Linux.
    But on Windows... Not sure how you use their equivalent of namespaces and cgroups. Maybe, Docker really is a more convenient way than a handwritten Python script there.
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    you should have drank those 5 bottles of beer before, you'd be less irritated in the first place.

    or maybe 10, then you'd be closer to his level and share in his confusion and pace.
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