I can't figure out shit..
To be honest I created this profile just so I can write down somewhere what I am going through.
So, once upon a time I had graduated from college and went right into a corporate (has only been 2 years since). I was fortunate enough that I got assigned a project that was just starting, and even though I had no clue what was going on, I started doing whatever was assigned.
I initially worked in java and then finished all my tasks earlier than expected, so they switched me to another C++ project that builds on top of it.
Fast forward 2.5 years, I'm now the team lead of the CPP project and all my friends who were in the core team have left the company.
As usual, the reason behind it is shitty management. These mfs won't hire competent people and WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT retain the ones that are. I can feel it in my bones that it is time for me to leave, but fuck me if I understand what I am good at.
I have been able to handle all the tasks that they threw at me, be it java or c++ - just because I love logic and algorithms. I have been dabbling in ML and AI since 4-5 years now, but could never go into it full time.
Now I'm looking at the job postings and Jesus Christ these bitches do not understand what they want. I have to be expert in 34567389 technologies, mastering each of whom (by mastering I mean become proficient in) would need at least 6-8 months if not more, all with 82146867+ years of experience in them.
I don't know if I am supposed to learn on Java (so spring boot and stuff) or I'm supposed to do c++ or I'm gonna go with Python or should I learn web dev or database management or what.
I like all of these things, and would likely enjoy working in each of these, but for fucks sake my cv doesn't show this and most of the bitch ass recruiter portals keep putting my cv in the bin.
If you have read so far, here's a picture of a cat and a dog.

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    Damn, these pesky brats with their demands - remember, they are the ones that *are* in the bin. Let those who are in need of competent AI specialist find you. Do you perhaps have website or GitHub profile?
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    @vintprox I have both! Although not sure how to market them...
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    I have n years experience in these technologies (list). You are asking for x technology proficiency. It will take me n days to get up to speed. Much of my n years of experience will transfer as the concepts are the same. Are you willing to have me learn x technology on the job?
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    In my personal experience, you have to customize your CV (somewhat..) for each job opening to match with what they require and what you feel you know or what you can get a working knowledge in a matter of weeks.

    Changing your stack is also quite a challenge and will need long hours of self-learning and practicing, but since you already have the logical thinking and algorithms etc, it wouldn’t take you long to earn new skills. Try new languages and see which clicks with you most and start digging deep into the stack related to that.

    In both these cases, don’t ever give up and keep on trying until you feel like you have found what suits you.
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    If I had a quid for every CV I’ve seen with a skill that the engineer figured they could blag enough knowledge of in an interview then learn on the job, I’d have:

    £(most of the times I’ve ever been sent one) + (every time I’ve sent off my own).

    Also, remember that 90% of recruiters are fuckwits who get a dopamine hit every time they write a technical term they don’t understand, a lot of job specs bear very little relation to what you’ll be doing daily. If I also had a quid for every irrelevant competency I’d seen under a job spec I’d be a thousandaire. You’re not alone.

    I’d suggest making a small personal site, use a template so it doesn’t look like coder-design, link to a handful of varied projects and write a post about each (seriously, writing about code is fun, can demonstrate your knowledge and general aptitude more readily than asking someone to look through a codebase too). An engineer will see the talent there, if you have it.
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