Click, click, click, click.
Tap, tap, tap, tap.
Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe,.
Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll.

I’m tired of living on popularity driven planet among animals, where number of clicks on likes, subscriptions and links are worth more than iq, education and experience.

Let’s face it - AI is showing us traffic driven recommendations that sucks. If you’re hooked up to social network and can’t disconnect from it you’re half way to matrix. You probably also disagree with me cause you’re serotonin junkie. You can’t stop like you can’t stop eating for a day. Bubble have you in your hands and whatever you do you probably won’t wake up. To be honest most of us won’t. It’s already to late.

I’m waiting for meta so they can put you in virtual world where you can have what you want and at the same time own nothing. They will put you in some small empty space and give you something to eat how many times you want so you can feel safe and click, tap, swipe, scroll more so they can own this planet.

You will be living only to deliver corporate metadata and you will be happy, cause they will make you happy with giving you emotions that you want to feel at exact moment.
If you get out, you won’t be able to interact cause you won’t know how to behave, you will become wild animal.

By going out you will break the law, cause outside world will be long gone. To move to bar or visit family you will travel with autonomous vehicle that have screens instead of windows.

Eventually you stop going to bar cause it’s unhealthy, you stop going outside cause there’s deadly virus and you can die.

They will take you last thing later with birth control so you can have baby whenever you want and with who you want as long as both parties agree by signing baby nft contract, you don’t have to take care of your baby and be pregnant cause it will be robotized, you will see your baby in meta. You will think you feel it using robot hands.
You will never meet your baby in person.
That’s how matrix will start. We’re half way.

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    The matrix began when some old racist dudes realized that you can paint the face of an even older, racist-er dude in a piece of paper and say, for no reason other than "because we said so", that it's worth more than ten thousand edible bushels of corn.

    They push on you "virtual value" on the promise that it will be "more practical" and "everybody else is on it too!". Man, central bankers sure sound a lot like drug dealers.

    Then they do not allow you to ever even mention the alternative. It is true for fiat currencies, and soon will be true for "digital assets". And meta wants to be the central bank for "fiat/virtual assets".

    Wanna get out? Avoid working for companies whose value proposition cannot be readily pegged to real, solid valuables. If you do work for them, put your money into the real, solid type of investment. And get ready to a life of little glamour but lots of corn.

    So, yeah, we screwed.
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    Problem is that anything that is virtual and online can be blocked by country, or banned for certain users. If your life depends on virtual things you can be switched off.

    In the whole known history of people on this planet there wasn’t any moment where single person was so powerful that they can disconnect people from life without building separate camps for them.

    Now we’re heading in the same direction backwards, there will be big online camp and people without access to it would be banned from society.
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    You forgot the part where they now have automation and no longer need most of the population. So through forced medical treatments they are solving that issue (sterilization and death as result).
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    @Demolishun Eugenics, well it was already tested in Sweden from 1935 to 1979 to sterilize poor people and it didn’t solve problem. Money is also not a big deal.

    Remember that big AI models performs better then small ones.
    People are not problem but solution.
    Rich will live on Mars anyway, who wants to live inside server room ?

    If you’re worried about people protests or something, go eat modified food and calm down.
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    Oh shit, I just realised that youtube probably starts showing me uninteresting recommendations after a while so I stop watching and come back for more later. It leaves me wanting.

    Recommendation systems are the tobacco industry of the 21st century.
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    @electrineer comparing recommendation systems to the tobacco industry. Now theres a meme that will get google to SWAT you to death if *ever* I saw one.

    Really has wings, that meme.
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