Yay, another item to tick off the bucket list.

- fall asleep during a zoom call ☑️

I think I've hit the point of being so burnt out, even self consciousness is hard to maintain.

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    Dude, take time for yourself! Health is way more important!! It takes much longer to recover from a burn-out then the time needed to prevent it.

    Unless you're running your own company. It's not your problem that they give you more work then a human can ever handle. Your boss/manager is responsible for that. And if you are running towards a burn-out you should choose for yourself and not for the company! Stay safe!
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    Hey! I also had a mental breakdown today mainly because of the heat! 😁

    What a great time to be alive, eh?
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    @Traser I've been telling myself this for the past few weeks, but after todays nap I think it's a good sign to wind down the workload.

    @NoMad tomorrow is 35... and it's still hawt tonight 😢I didn't move to Melbourne for the heat, if I want that I would have stayed up north.
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    Manager: "Eh, Bittersweet, your phone cam is still on and you're entering the toilet"

    Me: "Well yeah I'm only going for a quick pee. Please continue, I've propped you up against the sink faucet so I can watch the shared presentation while I finish my sandwich"

    That was the moment I realized I needed a break.
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