Any suggested performance enhancement drug?

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    coffee. lots of it.
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    Some arsenic will affect your performance for the rest of your life
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    Coffee. And as I recently discovered, yerba mate!
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    Jerk off.

    NGL, the post nut clarity makes me super productive.
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    Proper sleep cycles followed regularly
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    Viagra solves everything
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    You asked specifically for "drug".

    Most stuff like coffee / tea only helps in moderate doses.

    Sleep / meditation / breathing techniques can help, though they are not drugs.

    When it comes to avoiding brain fart, I can heavily recommend relaxation.

    There is no "single" recipe, but a local store here has a great mixture of a chai oriented mixture (nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, ...) and cocoa powder (no not the sweet bullshit crap ala nestle, real cocoa powder you use for baking).

    That stuff is heavily addictive. I mean it.

    I love spices - but for whatever reason my brain goes into meltdown after it. Total relaxation as I cannot form any thought.

    Love that shit.
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    Mixture is cocoa, cinnamon, curcuma, lavender, macis. Added to 200 ml hot milk with a tea spoon of honey.
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    Chocolate. ( Don't eat too much, it can kill you.. )



    Also, Niagen might help. ( Unless you have cancer, then not.. )


    High level content of natural glucose sweets.

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    Homemade kefir, I've just got into it recently, great for the guts, healthy guts lead to healthy minds

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    Touching Grass prolly
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    if ur ok with smoking, just have 2 rolls of hash mixed with tobacco.

    However u might experience a surge of coding thoughts that dont get translated to typing and end up amazed with the idea u have in ur head but too emergetic to type it.

    idk man it's weird
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    my suggestion: DON'T

    you're just screwing up your neurons.
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    I used to thoroughly enjoy kratom. In moderate doses it was a massive confidence booster and helped me focus. Kind of reminded me of the drug from limitless
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    Sex, but too much and you don't have time for coding !
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