When you try to socialize and you go to a pub but you end up on devRant. Mission accomplished.

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    Imagine if DevRant was a pub
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    @Eqb8 Cheers mate!
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    haha yeah that would be the new tourist attraction for new york
    dfox and trogus open a pub and devs from all over the world will be flocking to new york.
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    @heyheni sign me up for a domestic franchise then...
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    @Eqb8 I'd go there every day!

    @dfox @trogus you heard it guys :P
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    Pub/micro-brewery! I'll put that on the roadmap
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    yeahhh! 😊
    Coworking space by day, craft beer house by night. new yorks hipest techhub with events and it consulting and access to the largest pool of developers.
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