Did I just see stories on Facebook too now?

What do they want?!

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    Yup, 4th time is the charm.
    You will get snapbook (faceplate?) whether you like it or not 😀
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    @nbamaral he's definitely obsessed with Snapchat
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    Trying to put Snapchat out of business because they couldn't buy them ....
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    He can, by the sheer amount of users.
    At least those guys cashed out with the ipo
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    Idc as long as devRant doesn't have stories
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    Don't click on the 2nd icon 😝
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    Is it not just a slideshow? These stories things. Website have had that since forever now apps get slides and it noteworthy?
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    Snap the hell out of everything!
    It's like Facebook trying to be ur only app.
    And it's actually working.!
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