Windows is not full of surprises. One can expect the (light) blue screen.

(Picture in comments because it stretches like yo mama pussy in the post)

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    It still stretches like a bitch in comments too.

    Last one I had internet related was ndu.sys

    Apparently the network driver shit its self launching Firefox. Hasn't done it since but I'm skeptical.
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    @C0D4 let me read out this code for you


    Omly god and Bill Gates know what that error is and how it occurred.
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    i keep being surprised by how not even programmers are aware that most of the time it's thirdparty drivers fucking up, and not os itself
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    @Floydimus my guess would be bad drivers. Prolly outdated. Or the hardware with faults.

    The way I understand this err - some interrupt request from the hardware threw an error at driver level, because the interrupt data failed some driver assertions. I'd guess the hardware tried to do smth the driver did not support. Whether that 'smth' is a fault or some newer functionality than anticipated by the driver - idk.

    That's just my speculation. I'm not a low level dev. Prolly someone with better in-depth knowledge would have a more reliable answer. @fast-nop comes to mind first
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    Encountered this problem on a few Dell laptops the cause was the "SupportAssist" which is a customized version of "PC Doctor" ... I wouldn't be surprized any simillar tool running on the same frameworks would be causing the same issues.
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    @netikras Looks like something went wrong with some interrupt priority numbers for whatever reason. Back in the days, we used to configure them via switches on the mobo, but that has been plug and play now for a long time.
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