When I self-published my first indie game on steam and people actually started buying it.

Remember sitting on the floor with a bottle of vodka trying to tell my girlfriend like that lunatic dotconnecting on a whiteboard meme guy, this is really bad because too much people bought it.
They should spend their money on something useful instead of me, I felt like a fraud.

It turned out good in the end tho, made some updates for it that made it better so i felt better about it, plus got a job from a publisher because they liked my game 😃

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    congrats! i always thought of starting a project like this, but i never got it in me to actually do it, nevermind actually finishing and publishing anything.
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    That’s awesome!
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    If you dont suffer from refunds, you made it
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    @darksideofyay You should do it.
    Know the feel, this was my first project out of the countless that I actually started and kind of “finished” 😀
    Life’s too short not to work on stuff you want to.
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    Was that game rim-world?
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    Wholesome story! So happy for you
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