I work for healthcare client project in a start up, worked two years straight without a break.

Client is very inconsiderate about developers work-life balance, he always wants to release every features yesterday.

Never had a reasonable deadline, worked late nights most of the time. No one had backbone to control this client from our side.

Its only developers team, no project management, scrum masters or anything, everything has to be taken care by Dev's.

I decided to take a week break from work.

The first day of my leave he pinged me 3 times to change an "from email" address for notification email which no one give a damn about.

I never replied or did anything. But the part of myself is dying of guilt.

Now I can't relax myself completely.

Re-thinking of my life choices atm.

I loved programming since high school, I can work on computers 24/7 without tired. That's how much I love it. Now I'm just tired of it.

If anyone who read this till here. Thank you.

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    That's terrible. I can only advice you to simply ignore everything and just (try to) enjoy the week off you have.

    Realize that it is YOU that has the power. The work only advances because you put effort on it. Not your boss.
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    I think the main problem is that the client has power over your calendar.
    A change of workplace seems like the only option, since devs are not respected at all, where you are now.
    I've had a somewhat similar phase in a previous company, where things got so stressful, that I temporarily lost all joy about programming and I was severely underpaid. This was the sign to leave.
    You have signs of a burn-out, please take care and try to find a better place where you get respected as a person.
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    @PonySlaystation what you said is 100% true. I have burnt out and depressed, I actually started looking for other opportunities.

    Thanks, your words made me feel better. Thought I was alone and no one could have been worse than me.
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    @masterwayne You'll find a better job, where they respect and appreciate you! 🤗
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    @masterwayne Lol dude .. Sometime People just took advantage of our passion :)

    I am also doing working late nights.. weekends... manging client, sheets, even manager's works But when I need to take leave and or there is a time of my increment then I just pissed off by everyone's behaviours..

    One of my friend was doing work in the middle of night like 11:30pm - 4:00am and guess what??.. HR fogot to pay off her over time :P

    These things happened :(
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    @rox79 💯 true. Just because they are paying us for the work we are doing they think they own us 24/7.

    I get messages from the client midnight to do some support work. It's mostly about things that no one cares. But he still wants it now.
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    @masterwayne That is damn toxic, pal. You should pull the plug! Expect them also to make problems in payment concerns. Would just disillusionate you the further you keep up with that sort of work! There is better work atmosphere in the world, go figure!!!
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    You have the right attitude. Fuck them.
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    @danzig666 thanks man! I'm on it.
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    I used to be in similar situation - I changed jobs and have never felt better.
    It's been couple months since I switched and my ex employer wants me back lol.

    My suggestion either quit your job/ change the client you work for if it's a possibility.
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    I think Master Wayne should transition to The Dark Knight
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    You gotta stamp your feet and stand your ground.
    Don't sacrifice your health for some boss or whatever.
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    @rEaL-jAsE no argument there :)
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    Where did he 'ping' you? My strategy is to simply not be available during times I do not get paid, and not even look at whatever app the company uses to communicate. Get a burner phone if they persist, make sure you block them in some technological manner they can't get around.
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    @mabbott94 advice taken
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    @mabbott94 advice taken
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