I started using WordPress in the 1990's - building all kinds of sites that looked OK until all the plugins and new themes came along. As the years have gone by I've become bored with all the tedious little errors and bugs. To the point that I abandoned my print website 10 years ago.
Just tried to edit it today and FUCK NO get me out of here. It's like painting a Rembrandt with a fucking elastic band.

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    In the 90s huh?
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    @nonox how dare you!

    Bringing facts to an ego fight!
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    @nonox Don't care what that says. Def in the late 90's
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    I mix up the late nineties and early noughties, too. It’s a very hazy era where each year has merged into each other into this vague time period of ”it happened in the 90s”. Have lost count of times I’ve been certain something happened in the 90s only to realize we’re actually talking about the early 00s.
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    Wordpress is an fork of an older software called b2. Maybe it was that.
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    @stop was this b4 b2b?

    Ah wait, brb I'm going to be afk from keyboard 8-)
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