I'm working as an intern in a company and i have another intern that i must supervise (it like internception) .here is my daily nightmare :
- To start this intern never google something she copy paste from my code and if she got an error she send me a screenshot . Once the error message clearly said "cannot call function from array" and even that she didn't know what's the problem (she was supposed to it on array items)
-Before we started working together she spent a week complaining that a sending email function didn't work for her so the manager called me to check what's her problem. She had an antivirus that blocked request via ssl port.all i had done is open the log file and read the errors.
- She had a function should iterate over an array and for each item check a condition this is a part of what she wrote :
For ($i=0;count($categories);$i++){
if ($getrelativepath=null)
....etc other​ stuff she copy pasted.
Ps: the name of the function that she must call on array items is getRelativePath

- she wrote once
for (...){
return $response;}
She thought the function can iterate and return response at the same time.
- we are working on a website and she told me she doesn't know how to code Javascript and jquery (she think it's a language) and she never knew what ajax is.
- without mentioning the hundreds of empty spaces and multiple empty divs in html .
This year she'll become a computer science engineer .

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    If that is how professional devs talk about interns then I better not look for a job until I am the best dev in the world. I haven't found a dev job yet but do "google" things. I'm not as bad as you say she is but I don't think it's very nice to make fun of her code. How will she learn to code well when she has people like you to teach her?
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    @cmarshall10450 Hmm, the way I interpret this is that she is not even trying while you seem to try at least :)
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    @cmarshall10450 at the very minimum there's two things I expect from a new employee:
    - basic skills
    - will to better themselves

    It seem that she has neither. Has she been picked at random or what?
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    hi, first of all i didn't say i'm not helping her and that's the thing that made me go crazy .i can't say no to her questions i spent over a month explaining stuff to her but without any progress .
    she don't read documentations,tutorials ,learn how things works ... it's always copy paste from others code.
    how can you write code you don't know what it does ?
    when you start working on a project with a team you expect a basic level of knowledge at least some logic .
    Just so you know she's been studying computer science for at least 3 years and this is the graduation one so it's not the time to learn coding basics .@cmarshall10450
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    Bro, it's been proven that 95% of what we learn at Tunisian​ universities ( Your name says that you are Tunisian ) is useless in the market, specialy for web development. People with the same attitude as girl you talked about are everywhere.
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    I knew a guy who would just commit the date
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