BI dev: Hey, can you help me with my SQL query?
Me: Sure, let me see it.
BI dev: sends screenshot - not even the whole query, literally a screenshot with a segment of text in it. No errors showing either.
Me: ...

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    Is this the same girl from the previous rants? She doesn’t seem to have much common sense, in spite of her sql knowledge
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    what does BI dev means? business intelligence?
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    @AleCx04 intelligence doesn’t apply to her lol
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    @TeachMeCode yep! Still, she has started creating some great visualisations but clearly her general computer aptitude is just not there.
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    @AleCx04 yes! That’s it … business intelligence - so queries, reporting, etc.
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    I suppose she is the kind of personality who just "assumes" that the other party will get it regardless
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    you should have responded "yeah you have a mistake in that query. you're welcome."

    and don't respond for the rest of the day or until they actually send something useful.
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