There are two weeks left until the PhD application results are published. But I'm having such awful nervous breakdowns. I don't even know, if it's anxiety or if I'm literally dying inside from something else. From an almost-heart-attack today when I got a trivial and unrelated bad-news email, to keep having weird dreams about things like end of the world and post-apocalyptic life, or being jumpy all the time.

... And it's not like it's life or death, I know that. I know that I can do other things if this doesn't stick. I know things will workout the way they should; I know all of those. But there's just something destroying my physical and mental health right now, and I don't even know if it's just the anxiety for the next big step in my career, or something else, or how I should deal with it.

... Anyways, amannoyed.

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    Last time I was nearly this anxious, was when I was waiting for college results.
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    it’s because you’re not drawing those god damn comics
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    @vane it's going very slowly and honestly I don't have much nerves for sitting down and practicing drawing most days.
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    How do you feel about going away traveling ? Nice to be out on a highland somewhere around the time the result arrives. Maybe takes your mind off of things.
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    @-red would be great, except I'm still broke. Can't afford travel.
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    @NoMad No more anxiety, I hope. (:
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    @-red not really. They haven't even sent a rejection letter yet.
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