So...I just learned about concurrency in Go, and gave it a try..

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    is it how it works? I feel the same with java 8 parallel streams
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    So are you saying it's good?
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    @kscript it's better than anything i knew till now
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    Is it hard to learn Go as a PHP developer? With no Comp Sci degree?
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    @laTinkerer it's a very different language, especially since Go actually had as built in concurrency model that you should try to learn at least a bit about. But it shouldn't be too difficult if you pay attention to what's going on.
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    @Zaphod65 but the concurrency is the simplest thing there!
    Import sync, ini, add, done, wait.


    I find it a bit weird to switch to structs from classes.. but i did learn C many years ago, so the concept isn't new
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