I dont know how to timeline projects. I tell clients that it will be ready in one month. But the project will be so big that it takes lot of time to actually code it and do all the procedures around it. I m just giving them timeline based on the speed of my mind.

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    Its almost a branch disease to under estimate time.

    Give it your best guess and double it twice until you find that you consistently overestimate a similar amount, then you can start doing more accurate estimates.

    But always keep in mind that for any bigger project you will face unexpected problems you need to have time for.
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    It's human.

    @Voxera et al.

    The analogy from space recognition science is,
    that humen represent known areas as way more detailed and bigger than rather unknown spaces on a drawn map.
    While, and exactly while and on the same map, we interpret times to cross from point A to B through known areas as shorter than the map would scale / represent.
    While we grossly overestimate times eeded for areas we know less.

    Just freaky humen things.
    A proper bias.
    I think it was re-discussed in The Economist, somewhere.
    @Wisecrack might like this too. And @-red?
    How're you fellas? =)
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    For an alpha, triple what your gut says: for a beta, double the time to alpha. For prod: double the time to beta.
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