Boss: "If I double-click this button, the modal it opens flicker once for 0.00001 seconds?!?!?!?"

Me: "Ya... It opens two modals. It doesn't break anything, it looks normal except the flickering"

Boss: "It's no good!"

Me: "I've got a solution; don't fucking double click. It's a fucking website."


Me: "It's a fucking website" *Exits room, trying not to strangle the boss".

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    Sure it shouldn't flicker. But fixing a flicker that doesnt break UI or functionality when we're busy managing a 2 month deadline that should take 4 months, while managing other projects. Nah boss, don't think that's a priority 😂
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    Dude, but it flickers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Okay but seriously, the way he sees think is fucked up.

    I hate when they do things like that!

    I wouldn't scream though
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    @thedev Exactly. Just ignore it and stop double clicking! Hundreds of users, and not a single customer have noticed the last 12 months, so why bother 😂

    He didn't really scream, but he did get frustrated that I didn't agree with him 😅
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    i know it's stupid, but you could simply disable the button once the user clicks it
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    It's more a matter of principle for me 😂 When we're head over heels busy with other stuff, I don't wanna spend even 30 seconds digging up some project to fix something like that. And my boss has probably even forgotten about it anyways 😅
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    @sonywalk probably not
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    When my boss has that kind of wish, i start by asking him, where to put it in the priority list and usually, and that means always, he decides that payed customer requests are more important.
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    @moshmage totally agree with you
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    @CWins That's what I did at first too. After now 18 months working here, it's more... "Is it relevant for a procurement? When is it due?", followed by checking with the CEO. Then I work on projects in the order I deem correct. In 99.9% of cases it results with the boss agreeing on the decision afterwards 😅
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    @sonywalk just add a short timeout (for example 500 ms) ;)
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