Apple macbook engineering department hard at work:

1) Some app freezes
2) Then the Touch-bar freezes
3) I hit cmd+alt+esc to force close it
4) Touch bar is frozen so esc won’t work
5) *confused noises*

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    simple. Throw away mac, Buy new one.
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    Great idea guys, let's replace the physical keyboard with a software defined one! WCGW!?
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    Apple: think different.

    Translation: do some shit that is so incredibly stupid that not even Dell would have come up with that.
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    @prodigy214 I have a 2018 macbook pro :D
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    apple after steve jobs has become junk.Just throw that shit away in the dustbin
    .that shit is worse than a broken baby pop
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    But but apple is the best, "just works", "you're using it wrong"
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    You know it's nothing evil in calling apple a devil.Its worth of this title.I was a user.I regret using it.
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    @prodigy214 No - that was the big complaint about it right from the start. If the Touchbar had been an additional row it would have been a success. Instead, we got stupid shit.
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