I like our daily stand-ups, but our team only does it when our scrum master is present, if he takes a day off, no one cares about it
I think it's healthy for scrum teams to have that every day

What do you guys think? Are you also doing scrum? How bug is your team?

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    At least your team practices scrum:/
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    At my study we do it every day. Works really great tbh
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    We do it once a week, but the company is only 20 people, about 10 devs, and we're all working on different projects. Someone takes over when the lead is away.

    It's pretty useful as we do frequently jump projects so we're already kinda up to speed on what's going on.
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    We do it every day and we don't have a scrum master.
    Do not wait for the scrum master to tell you what to do. A scrum team should be able to act on its own.
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    It's not even considerable to skip the daily for us. It would make it very hard to know what has been done, what should be done, the problems and if we are on time.

    Remember that the perfect scrum team doesn't need a scrum master :)
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    My scrum team uses waterfall... No meetings and I have literally no clue what I am presenting or if it works because the other devs(offshore) don't tell us haha
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