I would absolutely love it if people would write their own stupid code instead of blindly mixing everyone else's mental diarrhea together and pouring the resulting mess into their bloody stupid IDE. At least then I could insult them properly. As it is, they're outsourcing their fucking stupidity to the lowest fucking bidder and then bragging about how quickly they get everything done. And management eats it up! No wonder everything is a slow, tangled, unmaintanable mess.

I can't fix much of anything because almost none of it is in my control. It's all autogenerated bullshit glued together with laziness and poor taste. "But Root, why is fixing this taking so long?" Gee, I wonder why. Maybe if someone had built it somewhere in realm of correctly the first time, it wouldn't have all fallen apart when someone looked at it the wrong way!

Seriously, there's no way this pile of stale fertilizer could have passed QA.

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    The legendary dev himself authored this. So, no, it was not tested. Also makes sense why it's SO FUCKING TERRIBLE.
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    "Hey bittersweet, why are you reinventing the wheel?"

    "Because I live in a world where all the fucking wheels are triangles"

    Sure, as an engineer you sometimes take an off-the-shelf component to reduce costs -- But not if you have to force the library/snippet in with a hammer to make it fit, and then ducttape it to prevent it from falling apart.
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    sounds like a marketing description of Copilot :)
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    Sounds like a ripped off GitHub copilot shit.
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    Story of my life, but hey I guess we get paid to turn crap into gold.
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    @PepeTheFrog Via spray paint.
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    @Root that wears off by slightest of rain or light
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    Every newly hired senior dev: let's rewrite the app. We can do it in 2 months.

    ------2 years later------
    Still figuring out the business logic
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    This post is awesome!

    If I’m using someone else’s code.. I’m not:
    Ctrl c, ctrl v, then make it work

    What I do:
    I look at what they did, what relevant documentation says, and then using this knowledge come up with my own approach.

    Maybe this is also lazy, but we do work in a ‘get it live now’ industry, and we have the benefit of learning from other where they have already struggled.
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    @sparrowEatsHawk Honestly, this is truly the best approach.
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