Manager: Hey Dev I need to do QA on this PR.

Dev: That PR is not finished yet

Manager: Well do QA now anyway, that way when it is finished it can be merged in right away since QA has already been done on it. It’s a project management technique called “fast-tracking” and it improves efficiency.

Dev: …

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    Well depending on how qa works yeah sure.

    They could write the automated tests and hand them to you.
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    Pregnant Manager: Hey, can you tell me the sex of my baby?

    Doctor: Not yet, We still need to wait 2 weeks and then we can do an ultrasound

    Pregnant Manager: Well just tell me the sex of my baby now so I can start buying clothes and then we can skip the ultrasound entirely. That way I can give birth 2 weeks earlier. It's called "fast-tracking" ever heard of it?
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    @Crost Haha, fair point. Unfortunately QA is mostly manual here since in their opinion it is “more efficient because it’s faster” based on their watching me write a test for a button one time vs my testing that button manually by clicking it.

    I still write tests but they have to be done in secret and only for absolutely critical pieces of infrastructure since their initial time cost can be a bit expensive and raises suspicion when some small feature tweak takes way longer than normal.
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    @boombodies every company all the time :(
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    @Crost #notallcompanies :P
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    @Hazarth epic analogy 😄
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    @Hazarth even better :)
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    Too many managers brought in from outside of IT that do not understand the process.
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    @jtackkett I seriously agree.
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