"it should just work" - one of my tech leads in reference to setting up eclipse for development

i dont want to use eclipse to begin with but its what the monolith we work on works well on, its so awful that it intellij cant necessarily handle it

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    Curious how an IDE "doesn't work" on certain projects?

    Compilation errors? IDE specific bugs that get triggered due to the sheer size of a Monolith? Runtime errors? Plugin errors?

    Maybe it is time to track down and fix for good. I prefer Eclipse anyday but it is a shame if another popular IDE can't work for whatever strange reason it could be
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    @asgs you wait, what , you prefer eclipse??
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    @C0D4 I had the same thought. Eclipse is garbage
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    Works... Runs... Blablabla.

    All highly unspecific.

    You can run any program on 800 MHz on a single core on modern hardware by disabling SMT and under clocking.

    It will run.

    Just painstakingly slow and mostly not in a way you like it.

    These unspecific descriptions... Anger. Rage. Hatred. May lightning struck those who use it while shitting.
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    @dontknowshit it used to drive me up the wall just getting it to start.

    Let alone using it.

    The only useful thing it did was manage jar's when it did work.
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    At my work eclipse is pretty much forced down our throats but as part of the minority who uses intelliJ were fighting for change. Still fuck eclipse tho and my workplaces use of java.
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    I'm guessing either some obscure plugin, or code is such an extreme case of monolithic spaghetti that intellij's code analysis just cannot handle it.
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    I used to like eclipse, but IntelliJ changed my mind on it forever. Now it just seems “heavy” when using it. Generally when I use IntelliJ I feel confident IDE related activities are going to work, with my eclipse I am mostly surprised when they do work.

    Of course I prefer VSC over both, but gotta compromise somewhere.
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    @electrineer @C0D4 yes, that's correct

    Except for autosave, I don't find any trouble with it at all. In fact, I have been using it for so long that I'm unable to switch to any other IDE for good. Content with that
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