Is it only me or does Unity really force people to write ugly code?
Sometimes I think to my self : " just go and write your god damn own fuckin engine"

But then I sit back and realize that I'd never finish a game that way.

Love & Hate Unity !

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    It's not just you. Tried a little on both sides, both have their merit but building on an existing engine is the most fun for me!
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    Back at uni my game development lecturer told us we had to make our own game engine it was fun, but I had all the memory leaks lol and was 2d and not very great.

    Unity has its perks though, despite the ugly code :/

    Also welcome both of you to devrant!
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    Well I'm trying to get my first game ready for years now.

    Started with libGDX and java. That was awesome created some 2D games and always stopped to work on them cause my code was so bad, which wasn't libGDX fault.

    Moved to Unity and 3D games,to create a super cool too style fantasy RPG. I hope I find the time beside my work to finish that, so I have something to show, when trying to get a job as gamedev. But these engines can be very frustrating to use
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