>About to create Helperclass for JSON parsing and writing
>Realises there's the GSON-library by Google
>shamefully and silently like a fart deletes 1 hour of work
>repeatedly bangs head against desktop

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    But I'm sure you learned a lot during the process.
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    Please write it, i refuse to use google stuff
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    My coworker is about to lose a year's worth of work because a product released by a team of developers does what he developed over the course of a year but better and more. And now he is on the hook for integrating with that product whose interfaces are way different than what he wrote.
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    Myself and two of my coworkers once lost 6 months of work each because we were tasked with improving the performance and reliability of the web apps we were maintaining. I did a huge back end overhaul and my coworkers did a huge overhaul of the interfaces and GUI. Meanwhile the management had hired a contractor to completely redesign and reimplement our products so all of our work got tossed about a year later.
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